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   Content Management Tools

Do you prefer to have direct control over portions of your Web site’s content?  Would you like to accept input from visitors to your Web site?  Would you like to support collaborative work groups within your organization or membership?  LRT Web Services offers comprehensive, easy-to-use content management tools - ready-to-run or custom-tailored - available as individual modules or an integrated system.  Our content management options include:

  • Event Calendar - publish a schedule of events
  • Database Manager - maintain and present data in a Web-based spreadsheet
  • File Manager - add, upload, edit, and organize Web site content (text or images)
  • Forum - discussion board, intended for work group collaboration
  • Gallary Manager -  present images in a Web-based slide show (demo)
  • List Manager - maintain categorized lists of email and/or Web addresses
  • Poll Manager - present a question to Web site visitors and analyze responses
  • Web Log - monitor and analyze Web site activity for your most critical pages
  • Wiki - support a community of collaborative authors (in the spirit of Wikipedia)

Contact us for information about our content management tools.

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